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After a long day of temper tantrums from British prime minister Boris Johnson, yesterday his spokesperson confirmed that the UK would not unilaterally leave the European Union on October 31 without an agreement. Not only will this happen, it is likely to happen after Johnson fails to get an agreement with the EU before he takes office, with him asking for a 14-day Brexit extension and the EU saying no.

This comes after a day full of fearmongering by Johnson, who is trying to scare Brits about a no-deal Brexit by pretending that it’s already going to happen, because he thinks that desperate people are more easily led by lies. Johnson says he wants a deal, but this was a pointless little stunt. The deal negotiated by Theresa May’s government was the worst possible deal because it ceded control of the situation to the EU and allowed for the start of the US-UK trade deal.

The thing that really scares Johnson, and plenty of other prime ministers in the U.K., is the Northern Irish border. This has always been a big problem, and there are lots of solutions that are in theory workable, including a hard-nosed version of a political union like Norway or Switzerland. But it seems like Johnson wants to fail miserably, because he’s fearmongering again, saying that a no-deal Brexit is a disaster for the U.K. that is going to create a wall of separation between Northern Ireland and Ireland that would split up communities, and keep goods in quarantine. He has used the exact same fearmongering tactics before, and it has been completely unfounded.

The bottom line is that Johnson is trying to convince people that the most likely result of a no-deal Brexit is horrible—a terrible thing is going to happen—but he’s also going to get away with it. While no one trusts the U.K. government, they also don’t trust the EU, which is a pretty standard setup for a government in a democracy. But Johnson’s government has been pretty openly exploiting this, lying about its chances of success and accusing opposition parties of being weird. According to a report in the New York Times that we can basically ignore because it uses the

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New Anti-Poverty Plan Will Emphasise Collective Efforts

September 10, 2012

News Release

Canadians can find out more about the thousands of government initiatives affecting their day-to-day lives and how they can play their part at

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Sept. 10, 2012) – Today, the Minister of State (Social Development) and MP for Kings-Hants, Mr. Bains, announced his government’s new poverty reduction plan to support Canadians so they can build a better life.

This plan will focus on bringing about meaningful change by:

Working through collective efforts;

Focusing on the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable Canadians;

Exercising vigilance against “scapegoats”; and

Providing Canadians with the tools and resources to help themselves.

“We are working to meet Canadians’ priorities at all levels: locally, nationally and globally.” said Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Flaherty, “Our plan is a good place to start, and


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The world of Snowcastle




Snowcastle is a calm winter wonderland themed puzzle platformer where it becomes apparent that a mysterious black snow bear is stalking you. The only way to escape from this snowbear is to use your wits and solve puzzles.This game is about solving puzzles to escape an unfriendly black bear (a metaphor for the developer’s dark past with MMO gaming). The interface is designed to be quite simple and intuitive, to avoid frustrating the player with complicated controls. Although the puzzles will mostly be puzzle platformer, there will be some stealth elements, so players that prefer stealth gameplay shouldn’t be disappointed.The interface will feature a number of single and multiple choice questions. A player can choose an answer and “solve” a puzzle on that basis. When a question has multiple possible answers, the player is given a number of “choices”, for instance when the player is asked the color of the door, they can choose Red, Green or Blue.The player can choose to have the game run in two modes: a normal mode where the puzzles are solved, and a puzzle mode, in which the player takes on increasingly challenging levels of puzzles. With a game like this, we don’t want to cut out and excuse any of the puzzles, because we believe that will devalue the experience, but we can offer some new and exciting ones as well.The idea is to have a variety of puzzles, so the player won’t be stuck doing the same thing every time they play the game. The question based puzzles could also be expanded to have answers that are drawn in a more 2D and abstract way, such as a wall with holes, or character.1. Chest/Container: A locked chest, or container.2. Rail: A rail is like a track, can be made out of metal or wood, and can be vertically or horizontally oriented.3. Puzzle: Your typical puzzle platformer, but in this case, it is not a typical stationary puzzle, but a puzzle that can be moved around the screen.4. Vibrator/Vehicle: A vibrator is a device that the user can control in some way.5. Speed: A. A set amount of movement for the player in a

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