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1. _What is Photoshop?_

Photoshop is a piece of software used for many different purposes, including image manipulation, illustration creation, collage creation, and even web design. It is a complex piece of software for everyone from beginning users all the way up to experts, so it deserves a crash course.

2. _What type of images should you make with Photoshop?_

Photoshop is used for a variety of different tasks. Professionals use it to manipulate images — often called manipulating the depth of an image — as well as creating illustrations. Amateur graphic designers use it to create collages, combine elements of multiple photos, and add text. Finally, web designers use it to create basic web pages, edit photos in different ways, and add the finishing touches.

3. _How do you use Photoshop?_

Photoshop is a powerful, robust piece of software that enables users to alter, enhance, and create images in many different ways. Typically, a user works with a toolbox of many different tools that are organized in panels. Each tool has a variety of options that can be selected and activated by clicking.

4. _How do you control the exposure and color balance of your image?_

In Photoshop, once the image is open, the image itself is held in a rectangular area called a “canvas,” and tools can be used to modify and edit that image by interacting with it on the canvas. In fact, you’ll notice that the image itself is always in the same space as the tools that you use to modify it. The tools are the flyswatter compared to the image. It is worth noting that Photoshop includes a color toolbox, which helps people control the color of an image in a fairly simple manner.

5. _How do you layer the color, images, and text in your finished design?_

One of the most powerful features of Photoshop — and one of the most user-friendly, in my opinion — is the ability to work with layers in an image. These layers are often placed in a stack, where one is on top of another, thus enabling the creation of complex, layered images.

6. _How do you combine and embed images?_

When you have a number of images that need to be tied together in a single image, it can be done by simply combining them into one image and placing it in a position on a web page. However, there are also ways

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5 Must-Have Features of Adobe Photoshop Elements

1. Create/Open More Templates

A template is a set of tools, overlays, settings, and a set of pre-made images. You can use templates to edit a large number of photographs at once. A template can be used in several other ways as well such as as a collection of watermarks, to create playlists and edits for different occasions, or even as a calendar for holidays and events.

You can create and edit a template in Adobe Photoshop Elements. There are two ways to create and open a template.

Use the Create A Template from an Image option.

From the Browse… menu, choose Create A Template from an Image.

Use the Create A New Template option.

From the File menu, choose Create A New Template.

2. Start a new project from scratch

When you open a new file in Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is the default option. Once opened, you can go back to the file’s default settings and have a completely blank file. This is a great way to start a new project.

Alternatively, you can open an existing file and then use its settings.

You can open a new project from scratch by doing the following.

From the File menu, choose Open.

From the File menu, choose New.

Click the New Project button and then select Open from the list.

3. Open multiple Photoshop projects at once

You can open several Photoshop projects at once. This saves time and is a great way to edit a large number of files in a short time.

To open multiple projects at once, do the following.

From the File menu, choose Open.

From the File menu, choose Open in New Window.

4. Create and apply custom settings

You can create and apply custom settings to easily create the look and feel of a new file or project.

To create and apply custom settings, do the following.

From the View menu, select Window.

From the View menu, choose Custom Settings.

From the Custom Settings menu, select Window.

Click the Edit button.

Select the colors for the frame and the project.

5. Lower your file size

Adobe Photoshop Elements automatically compresses images. This saves file sizes, making your files smaller and reduces your bandwidth costs as a

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Spring MVC / Jersey : Form post content get lost after forward to another resource

I have a problem in my Spring-Jersey app.
I have 2 resources, the first one (GET) /api/v1/users/{id} is listed directly on the welcome page. I can see all this information for a given user in JSON format.
I have a list page (GET) /api/v1/users/users/list, which I can use to get a sorted list of users.
After that, I have a CRUD interface (POST) /api/v1/users, that I want to use to create a new user in my application.
My problem is that the content of my form (that is called via ajax / api/v1/users/create) is lost when the form is send to /api/v1/users.
I am using Spring Boot and have this config :
@Import({ OkSpringSecurityWebfluxConfigurerConfigurer.class, WebClientAutoConfiguration.class, WebClientAutoConfigurationWebFluxConfigurer.class })
public class SpringClientWebFluxMVC implements ClientWebfluxConfigurer {

public void configureClient(ClientHttpRequestFactory clientHttpRequestFactory, ClientHttpResponseFactory clientHttpResponseFactory) {
.reader(new JacksonJsonHttpMessageReaderFactory())
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PowerShell: 5.1
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I have some Excel files in my C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office and I want to get the application name for each file.

The simplest way to get that information would be to use the $prog variable from the WMI object Win32_Product. It contains all the information about the Microsoft Office suite (including Excel) – see this MSDN page for more details.

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

Supported Operating Systems:
Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon II XP
1024×768 display resolution
1200×1024 display resolution

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