ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG based on a multilayered story. The game will take you to a world where you can freely create your character to become an Elden Lord, one of the guardians of the sacred land of the Elden Realm. You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can become a strong warrior by increasing your muscle strength, or a magician by mastering magic. As you complete quests, you will travel across vast fields where you will encounter and challenge enemies, or dungeons where you will be challenged by incredible monsters. In the process, you will gain experience, level up, and learn new skills.

● Characters
There are four different playable characters in Tarnished Prince:
Main Character
A courageous knight whose spirit has been broken by the curse of evil. It was said that after the Prince of Darkness took his son and left the kingdom, the Prince’s attendants vowed to protect the Kingdom of Elden. A week before the Prince left, he summoned his most trusted knights to that very place, the Great Hall, and entrusted them with the defense of the Elden Realm. The Heroes of Elden Realm were the officers of the King’s son.
■ A Cultured Knight
■ A Young Knight
■ A Cheerful Knight
■ A Female Knight
Most of the Knights are based on well-known Japanese mythology and famous figures.
● The Elden Realm
-The Elden Realm is in the middle of the “Rings Between”, which are four parallel, magical worlds. It is a sacred land where one can find the most powerful magic in the world.
-The Land Between is still a mysterious world, but the people of the Elden Realm who have been exposed to the Land Between have started to gain the Sacred Rings of Equilibrium. The power of the Sacred Rings of Equilibrium allows them to enjoy new potential.
-There is a land that divides the Elden Realm into east and west. The Land Between divides the Land Between. What the Land Between is, is a completely different world.
● System
-“Seas and Lands Between”
-The Land Between
■ Many Enemies Possess Various Magic. Defeat All the Enemies!
You will be able to experience a variety of monsters. Defeat them all!


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Choose your own path and fight as an independent adventurer
  • Optionally exchange items with other players
  • New online feature that allows you to play with other people of the same game
  • A playable group of friends that you can freely connect with using the name of the game and number
  • You can also choose to play solo with the classic Adventure format.

    Global Campaign

    Ideal for repeating the same battle!

    Decide the times in advance when your character will become available for the battle and select them up to 3 times per day and record the progress. You will receive notifications to battle at the optimal times and can experience full online features.

    A battle with AI enemies will automatically occur after the target amount of time elapses.

    Players can be Converted (current and future titles)

    • The game, Legend of Dungeon, is planned to be converted to the Elden Ring. As a part of it, Eidos-Montreal will provide a management tool for converting players’ characters. Please be sure your game ID exists in this conversion application.

    New features

    • New UI for online play
    • Battle settings can be adjusted from the battles so that each battle can be completed in a desired amount of time

    New game design features will also be added.

    See you in the Kingdom of the Elden Ring!

    Feather Co, Ltd is the developer of the game.





    9.7 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Release date: November 18, 2014

    Platforms: PlayStation®3 / PC    


    Elden Ring For PC 2022 [New]

    Revealed on February 6, 2019.
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    ●Story: When his village is infested with monsters, the young boy Nekore becomes an apprentice of the Elden magic and is brought to Amestris, the Elden capital. This adventure consists of chapters separated by different countries and locations. Each chapter is mostly accompanied by character development and action-packed battles as Nekore fights back against the monsters that had previously preyed on the village. You can progress the story by finding and exploring parts of the Lands Between, which consists of beautiful surroundings with its own narrative and settings.

    ● Battles: The battles of ELDEN RING are action games where you can obtain skills from a variety of battle types. You can defeat enemies by attacking them, using buffs, or summoning allies using skill frames. The battlefield you enter can be customized, and you can freely customize your battle styles according to your preferences. You can also equip weapons with various characteristics, including those that can debuff your foes.

    ● Skill Frame: The skills of ELDEN RING are gathered through experience points earned while fighting and search missions. In the skill frame menu, you can swap the skills and equipment that you wish to equip and even add new ones. You can also exchange the skills and equipment that you have with others who are in the same party as you.

    ●Party System: You can recruit other characters with the friends feature, and you can freely switch between the party members at any time. As you advance in the game, the party members who assist you will grow in strength and stature, and you can further grow your squad by dallying with the charming girls. Also, you can strengthen your party by equipping additional skills and equipment.

    ● Settings: In the game, you can freely take screenshots, use the selfie feature, and play while automatically saving screenshots. You can also display your game settings screen. You can assign the settings that you desire to your keyboard, including the system settings and what kind of display you wish to use.

    ● Monster Kingdom: The Monster Kingdom is a world that is coming alive. You can cross the boundaries that divide all of the nations into various lands, and you can battle the beasts who freely roam these lands. In the world, you can freely play, and you can freely build your own paths to increase your experience points. In addition, you can freely take snapshots of the map that you discover.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Modernity is Here!

    ※源自“Greed Man”武冈双景“武冈墨海”村姒”大卖乐“村姒”菈景“黄泉”景色“* -Tail of purple reeds/Art by Sakuya Hino -*”羽玉


    Universal App Support

    System Requirements

    OS: iPhone 4S or higher

    Processor: A5 (Unspecified)

    Memory: 512MB

    Capacity: 50MB storage

    Release: Available now

    *The battery life will decrease after initial use.
    Content may be consumed under the minimum age depending on your jurisdiction.”


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