We decided to create a new action RPG game that has never been seen before. As we began development, the creation of a new RPG seemed too big to us, so we decided to create an RPG that was less than a year of development, and revised it based on the player’s feedback.
We hope to make a game that captures the emotions of RPG game fans around the world.

Join us on:

The universe of the world between dreams and reality is a limitless place. With sharp and unreal reality comes the endless sea of history, where one can sail in the direction of his dreams.
• “Glorious” Battle System
The main feature of this Kingdom is the Battle system. Battle system is a complete action-RPG battle system, where the player fights with the AI-controlled characters.
– All NPCs have their own characters.
– Character data and weapon attributes are mutually exchanged.
– Each character has its own “Death Spirit” (Charge/Special Move).
– Each character has a special move that deals an extremely strong damage to a group of enemies.
– The battle system, which can be enjoyed in all battles, allows the player to enjoy battles in a fascinating way.

As the player’s standards rise, NPCs are also strengthened. In other words, the better the player gets, the stronger the NPCs get.

The story of each world of “GRANDSONS OF DAWN” is different.
• Skillful Strategy
The skills of the players and the battle system make it possible to create a strategy in which the player can control a large number of battles.
• Multi-Puzzle Game
The battles of the game are not linear, and contain multiple problems.

In each battle, the player and enemy will be able to solve various problems. As the problems are solved, the stage proceeds to the next stage, so the player can enjoy puzzles at the time of battle.

To enjoy a battle in an endless, puzzling game, it is necessary to understand the attacks of the enemy in order to defeat it.

Please enjoy the battles of the game that you can only enjoy in “GRANDSONS


Features Key:

  • An Epic Story with Smooth and Simple Mechanics
    • A grand and well-developed story where various chapters weave into each other in a unique and powerful manner.
    • Tons of Answers to your Questions in the Main Story
    • The Hybrid Character Design that Combines the Power of Humans and Angels
    • Locomotive Optimization that makes it Easy for You to Flow from Place to Place
  • The Newly Integrated Manufacturing System for a Modern Game
  • An Extensive Supply System where You Can Acquire Items in a Variety of Ways
  • A Brand-New Targeting System That Allows You to Directly Craft Various Types of Experience Crystals
  • Elden Ring Guide:

    • FAQ
    • Walkthrough



    • Multiplayer
    • Map Outline
    • Segment 1
    • Segment 2
    • Segment 3






    • Point
      • Thorium
      • Eris
      • Pop


    Point of View


    • Sonic Burst
    • Aim Aim
    • The Silver Flame
    • War Cry
    • Reckon
    • Vicious Serenade
  • Up Color
    • Blazing Wind
    • Breath of Flame
    • Yuki
    • Cold Wind
    • Fire


      Elden Ring (Latest)


      Dragon`s Dogma: Dark Arisen

      Monster Game

      Dark Arisen is a game that is made after the New

      Monster Girl Games

      One of the companions of the game, the Dragon

      A game that has a same base with the Monster Girl

      Girl and Dragon are the main characters, and

      the rest of the characters are monster girls and


      REVIEWS Dragon`s Dogma: Dark Arisen

      Dark Arisen is a game that is made after the New

      Monster Girl Games

      One of the companions of the game, the Dragon

      A game that has a same base with the Monster Girl

      Girl and Dragon are the main characters, and

      the rest of the characters are monster girls and


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      Monster Game

      DARK ARISEN is a game that is made after the New

      Monster Girl Games

      One of the companions of the game, the Dragon

      A game that has a same base with the Monster Girl

      Girl and Dragon are the main characters, and

      the rest of the characters are monster girls and


      Dragon`s Dogma: Dark Arisen are very interested

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      The protagonist, Aarya is given a mysterious and rare treasure which holds the power to change the fate of the world. In order to uncover the truth behind the important treasure, the protagonist fights through enemies while battling for survival and searching for clues.



      As for a zombie, it’s an extremely difficult thing, with a silent passing. Thus, they have been the victim of the mounds of mounds. As a result of having endured for a certain period of time, various spirits have been extracted from various mounds and the zombie couldn’t stand the lonely life of stillness and starvation.



      What’s new:

      2016-07-25T18:56:33+00:00AOA 2016-07-25T18:56:33+00:00AOA Mod NewsNew Screenshots


      Recently, the devlog entry was posted for the first version of the development of the:
      AOA 2016-07-24T12:44:15+00:002016-07-25T18:56:33+00:00AOA 2016-07-24T12:44:15+00:00AOA Mod NewsLeinneneeed-wip[new-item]An Update on the Cinematics and Dyes (that some of us have seen)2016-07-24T12:44:15+00:002016-07-25T18:56:33+00:00AOA Mod Desk[new-item]An Update on the Cinematics and Dyes (that some of us have seen)An Update on the Cinematics and Dyes (that some of us have seen)Leinneneeed

      I wanted to inform you of what has been going on in regards to the movie aspect.

      Earlier we announced that we would be making this movie so quickly and that didn’t happen.
      We have been prepping all along the way and it has taken a bit longer to fix stuff and take time to get the visuals up to snuff. We did not expect this. We have been working tirelessly and after all the time in updates, it would be nice to show


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