Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Cracked Version and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. While riding a pauper’s horse named Tale with your Party of up to 4 in your adventures in the beautiful World of Amahara, you will encounter enemies like highly-leveled monsters, traps, and powerful bosses. However, not all is well in the World of Amahara. The Cult of the Golden Rose is working to unleash a catastrophe in the World of Amahara, and they claim it as their own. You must play the role of an unlikely hero in this Fantasy Action RPG that allows you to customize your character, where you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.

■ Title Designer

① Shin Gendai

(Playable Character)

○ First Appearance: LBP

○ The World of Amahara is the World Where Humanity Is Born

○ The World of Amahara is the World Where Humanity is Born

1) What is the Player’s Responsibility?

The player creates a character who will try to defeat the enemies.

2) Why do we need to create a character and be a hero?

The player needs to create a character and play the role of a hero to solve the mystery and defeat the enemies that threaten civilization.

3) What characteristics can we become as we develop our characters?

We can become a strong warrior, a wise mage, a cunning thief, or a talented singer.

4) What kinds of equipment will we use to construct our character?

We can choose to enhance physical strength, develop magic, or increase luck.

5) What kind of attribute can we have when we use the equipment?

We can choose to enhance physical strength, develop magic, or increase luck.

6) How will we level up our characters?

We can level up our attribute with the amount of experience we gain as we defeat enemies and complete stages.

7) What kind of Play Style will we be able to develop as we play our characters?

In the World of Amahara, we can form a party that includes up to four players as we work together to defeat the enemies.

8) How is the online play element connected to the offline gameplay?

In addition to the online multiplayer play


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique Skill System: During battles, your special skills (including Saber, Dark Sword, Dagger, Sorcerer Gear, Flick, etc.) are not extra equipped items but skilled abilities used in an element of battle. By increasing your rating of each skill, you can learn to use the special abilities that help you in battle.
  • Visceral Online Gameplay: Strive to survive against countless of monsters and other players in battle, as well as accessing the rich world in the fully online game.
  • Interactive Maps: Map interactive elements and experience the vast world.
  • Unit Alliance: Unlock powerful benefits by forming an alliance with other players. Cooperative battle is effective as it protects you from the threat of nearby monsters or other players.
  • Chapter System: Participating in story events, official quests, and the online world, you will be granted rewards via chapters. By accumulating these chapters, you will receive a variety of items to enhance your fighting power or gain access to powerful forces in the online world.
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    5.0 AR (Belarus)

    In addition to the main game, an epic campaign is also available as a separate purchase. You can get a true Elden path through four different parallel worlds, one of which will be available to play after completing the main game.

    6.0 AR (Germany)

    The game provides an opportunity for a first-time journey into the Lands Between, where the beauty of the world contrasts with the ambience of a Dark Art and infamous Elden lords. The player is required to work through puzzles, fight and fight and more fight.

    6.0 AR (France)

    A large interactive and colourful game, the Legend of Elden Ring Full Crack is presented as a delicate and balanced narrative. The game lets you explore the game world from the beginning to the end, with a variety of options to customize your play.

    6.0 AR (The Netherlands)

    The game is a quality product that provides a completely new and unique experience. The story-telling is well crafted, and the atmosphere is deep.

    6.0 AR (Ukraine)

    The game is a quality product that provides a completely new and unique experience. The story-telling is well crafted, and the atmosphere is deep.

    5.0 AR (Canada


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    • Multiple People Can Play at Once
    Up to four players can play at the same time, allowing for simultaneous online play.
    • Three-Dimensional Combat using Depth
    Combat situations, such as being attacked from the front, back, and side, can be dealt with by pushing the corresponding button to perform a particular action.
    • Complex and Intricate Maps
    You can freely roam around the three-dimensional arenas, completely free from linearity.
    • Exploration Rich with Interesting and Challenging Dungeon Bases
    Every new area for exploration is a new base to receive EXP for defeating enemies.
    • A Variety of Equippable Weapons, Armor, and Magic
    Each stat can be assigned to your character, and there are a variety of weapons, armor, and magic that you can equip.
    • A Variety of Classes
    In addition to a free-character playing style, you can select from one of four classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
    • A Tense Online Game
    You can easily communicate and join games with other players at any time and play multiplayer games with those players in the same game environment.
    • Player Versus Player
    You can challenge players of your level who play multiplayer games.
    Connecting with Other Players:
    • Travel Together
    You can travel together with other players using the character who is same level as you.
    • Large Battle Groups
    You can form a large battle group with other players and take on a variety of combat situations by cooperating with your teammates.
    • Easy-to-Navigate Map and Dungeon Console
    Maps and dungeons can be easily searched using a map and a dungeon console, and information about players in the same area can be readily obtained.
    • New Monsters
    A variety of monsters can be encountered at various places in the game.
    • Highly Challenging, Three-dimensional Dungeons
    Three-dimensional dungeons can be freely explored and are filled with various enemies, challenges, and traps.
    • Rewarding Multiplayer Battles
    You can earn EXP and items that can be used to power up your class, weapons, armor, and magic. In addition, as more and more players join your base, more and more interesting new things can be learned.
    • Customizable Character Appearance and Play Style
    You can freely set your character’s appearance and play style by selecting the desired class. By leveling up your character, you can easily progress to a higher class.
    • Collections of New Magic
    You can use


    What’s new:

    TARNISH is a solo, offline fantasy action RPG set in a vast, procedurally generated world full of unlimited possibilities. Discover a world where the legend of alchemy and arcane knowledge still survives on Mt. Cenatus.

    The Tarnished Sorcerer exiles herself from her kingdom to work as an alchemist in hope of one day returning home; only then can she realize her true love for the world which has kept her captive for so long. No longer will she be tolerated, as she will find out that her past has caught up with her. Things will change around her, as the shadows of an older, dead world creep in. As she begins her journey, she will need some helpful items; so she decides to combine magic with alchemy for whatever boost she needs.

    You can summon spells. You can combine spells to make Orbs, which contain character-specific Mana and abilities. Orbs have the potential to evolve into stronger forms, such as a more powerful attack spell or critical chance boosts. The stronger the orb, the higher level the orb. The type of orbs you can summon is determined by your current character level.

    You can change your race while you continue playing. Regardless of race, you still have the same starting items; thus, you can combine potions you find with each other. You can even combine alchemy and spellcraft by learning/failing some Alchemy/Magic spells from a teacher.

    The world of Tarnished is vast. It’s neither linear nor a large generic world; instead, it is a world filled with mystery. As you explore, countless challenging enemies and NPCs will greet you. You will find hints, a few items, and information on how to get to the end of the story.

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    In the Tarnished Universe, the Lazer Ronin dropped into a world gone mad. An FPS game with heavy emphasis on the plot, it will have 28 chapters: Each of which has a fixed part «you’ll play…. The «wardrobe… is huge and full of cool items and surprises.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7, Pentium or AMD® Athlon
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11.0 compatible graphics card
    Hard Drive: 18 GB free space
    Please Note:
    * Blu-ray discs do not work in the game. * Game must be installed to the hard drive to run in Blu-ray-ready mode.(function ( $ ) {
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