Technology such as this is not new in soccer simulation video games, but what most people don’t realize is the amount of work that goes into it.

The motion capture suits, wireless motion capture sensors and proprietary software and algorithms that calculate the positional and movement data of players, taking into consideration their unique characteristics, are just part of the task.

Only one of the 22 players was not able to join in the motion capture for football. He was replaced by a proxy model as required by the licensing agreement.

Compiling the motion capture data is a gigantic task, involving millions of calculations. Some of the algorithms are extremely complex.

“Each football match is analyzed like a TV show,” explains Jyrki Niemelä, Director at EA Sports, motion capture specialist and co-founder of the company the contains the data.

“[The data] is collected and then we have this massive database of past matches which has the appropriate animations for the player. Then we match this against the actual match and we are able to show the player animations depending on the incoming direction and what actions he is taking.”

Every single touch of a player can be tracked in 4k ultra HD with a dedicated sensor. “We are incredibly accurate with the realism we can create because of our depth of data,” Niemelä says.

Superstar players can be recreated with a gamer’s face and limbs. Developed players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, Gareth Bale and Thomas Muller have been recreated in a highly realistic style that gives them a detailed character with facial features.

The processing, creation and analysis of the data takes an extreme amount of time. Some of the algorithms involved require thousands of calculations to process.

One of the most complex of these is the cameras, which are extremely bulky. There are two on the bottom of the player’s legs and one on the chest.

With these on, the players are represented by a wireframe with a 3D projection of the player’s shape. “It’s a tricky thing to do, because it is, first of all, big and bulky and secondly, it’s very high resolution,” Niemelä explains. “This gives us a good dynamic of movement and interaction with our video game – all of this in real time.”


Features Key:

  • Stunning visuals. High definition matches look stunning no matter where you play and with new lighting techniques, including reflection mapping, contact objects and unique effects you can see every detail in the matchday atmosphere. FIFA 19 is the highest-rated mobile sports game in the UK as voted for by users.
  • English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A teams. Other new teams include the LGD Dragons in South Korea. Other competitions (UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, Copa Sudamericana, Coppa Italia, Maltese Premiership, Chinese Super League, Georgian Championship and Danish Football Cup) feature more than 200 clubs across all confederation, giving players an amazing choice of teams from the world’s biggest leagues.
  • An all-new Player Impact Engine. A revised Engine delivers a more realistic and impactful experience. Now the moment of impact when tackling a player and receiving a pass feel more realistic, especially in one-on-one situations. New skilful moves bring you closer to the player. High-definition animations and AI will react to passes in all sorts of unpredictable ways and now you’ll be able to create magic moments in more ways than ever.
  • True Ball Physics enables the new diamond engine which allows for more variety, more fluidity, more deceptive passing and dribbling. Passes, crosses, headers and shots have a new realism, data-capture and contact between players is much smoother and more realistic.
  • Real-world stadiums in Career Mode. Customise your own stadium with the best home and away kit, player nicknames, sponsor logos, club badges, banners and stadium lighting.
  • Touch screen and controller controls. Play on your TV using PlayStation TV, Xbox One, Windows 10 or Nintendo Switch. Or play on your mobile phone or tablet with virtual controls on the screen.
  • Play with your preferred social network. You can play alone or invite a friend or allow up to 4 friends to play together. FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Scavenger hunts, Challenges and Invitations keep you engaged for longer and challenges allow you to compete with players from around the world. For the first time ever you can simultaneously save friend invites.
  • FIFA 22 will feature the Community Draft. The Community Draft is a feature


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    Are you ready for FIFA? Start your new career in the Pro franchise mode, the official game of the FIFA series. Choose an authentic team or create your own and take your dream for a new free kick and free kick winner! In FIFA, success is measured not only by how good you are, but also by how much you become part of the game. That’s why every player has their personal stats as well as their team stats to compete against the world in the Play Offs and FIFA Club World Cup.
    FIFA is one of the largest sports franchises on the planet. The teams of 13 year olds around the world are now joining the pro game. Get ready to play the ultimate football game where the score never ends and success is measured by friendships, hearts, trophies, but also by how much you become part of the game.

    FIFA World Tour brings the thrill of the Tour to the virtual pitch. You and your friends can now compete against the global leaders on a thrilling journey that will take you across 14 stunning FIFA World Tour locations! Each of the locations offers a brand new gameplay experience and a mini-saga where you have the opportunity to climb up the leaderboards!

    Official worldwide competition that brings the EA SPORTS™ FIFA World Cup and the official English Football League to life in the highest-ever FIFA game. This year, EA SPORTS FIFA introduces the web application version of the game, allowing you to play the game on your computer anytime, anywhere with any device. It also introduces the first-ever “all-digital” experience by making the cards completely digital. Touch a card with the screen to see immediate impact.

    The “personality” – “color” – of the Team is now more powerful than ever and can be customized. The tools to customize your Team are called Togolese and originally only used in the CONSOLE version. Now you can use them on the GO on your iPad or iPhone. Differently from every other game, this tool allows you to change your players’ color and even their skin color! Even their hair! They appear like they’ve been born in Africa. Amazing! It is even possible to choose the sex.

    Improved Web Application FIFA Soccer FIFA World Cup Tactics Control the game and make use of 3 gameplay modes.

    Improved Web Application FIFA Soccer FIFA World Cup Tactics Control the game and make use of 3 gameplay modes.

    The Real Los Angeles Football Club™ – The REAL LAFC™ is coming to the award


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    Featuring many authentic FIFA licensed teams and players, and introducing new exciting features and gameplay across Ultimate Team game modes.

    Challenge Tournament – Challenge your friends in a new sports game format where you pick your 8 best-of-the-best strikers and goalkeepers. Six weeks of competitive contests will see you face-off with FIFA players from around the world, competing for a chance to lift the FIFA Crown.

    In-Game-Voice Calling –
    See, hear, and talk to your friends in-game, across both consoles via integrated Wi-Fi connection.

    Skinned Metal –
    The next-gen FIFA engine is a beast: it’s powerful, it’s fast, and it’s built for next-gen. In short, it’s built for FIFA 22, delivering unprecedented levels of quality and visual fidelity for every player and stadium on the pitch.

    The FIFA Universe is now a truly immersive 3D world. Every blade of grass is detailed, every player is dynamic, and every crowd supports you. And that’s in FIFA 18. This new generation, we’re taking it even further.

    Take control of your club. Call plays, set up every attack, the entire experience is here.

    In FIFA 16, the new engine brought life and atmosphere to players, teams and the pitch. With FIFA 17, we took it to a new level by adding new gameplay features and features that give you that full 360 degree experience, which you can experience in 2D, 3D and VR. There are many improvements on the new engine but the coolest one has to be the new crowd engine. Now, fans have their own emotions as to which team is winning and the stadium becomes a part of your game.

    FIFA 18, was already full of great features and gameplay additions and this year, EA SPORTS continues to improve on the gameplay elements with completely new and exciting features.

    UEFA (or Pro Clubs licence), with many of the most famous teams in the world and enhanced player likeness, including an all-new transfer system which offers full control over transfers.


    Tradition passing game – 100 unique ways to play soccer. Every pass has its own unique animation – with crowd noises and chants—to help you show off your passing, shooting, and dribbling skills.



    What’s new:

    • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
    • Supporter Rewards – With “Supporter Rewards,” FIFA fans who are true supporters of the game can earn rewards by unlocking items that are exclusive to them in FIFA 22.
    • FIFA Referee Improvement – Referee Timing and Referee Attacking Environments have been refined in FIFA 22.
    • Retro Jersey
    • Recommended Teams for the AFC Champions League
    • Improved stability and visual effects.
    • New sprint and diving animations.


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    FIFA is now officially the most popular sport in the world with 190 million players around the world. It’s the only sports videogame that can boast the support of a global audience of fans across every continent.

    The game you’re about to play is the biggest and most complete package in the series with over 60 teams, 350 national teams, thousands of licensed players, historic teams, stadium replicas and FIFA Ultimate Team®.

    This year, FIFA 20 introduces new ways to play and improve your game. The ball takes on a whole new look with a more-controlled and balanced flight pattern. This is accompanied by a new higher-intensity feel, improved touch decisions, and more control over shot selection in the air.

    The improved physics system means it’s easier to control and manipulate players in all phases of play.

    Players are now showcased in beautiful, high-resolution 360-degree Highlights, which makes it easier for you to appreciate all of your players’ skills and traits.

    New defensive improvements mean that it’s harder than ever to break through the back line and deliver crosses.

    FIFA 20 also adds a first-person view, offering new ways to immerse yourself in the game and enhance your experience.

    Innovations – Take Control of the World

    FIFA 20 has been built from the ground up using FIFA 19’s core gameplay and features. Just as with FIFA 19, FIFA 20 has been developed by a team of EA Canada gameplay and AI engineers.

    For the first time ever, the game has a true physical engine, allowing for even more robust match conditions. This means FIFA 20 will be even more authentic than ever before.

    The most immersive and authentic gameplay in the series is still at the forefront, so players can feel the heat and the contact as they’re faced with sustained physical challenges in matches.

    A new Balance Wheel was introduced in FIFA 19 for the first time, adding a new element of dynamic control to the game. This year, players can experience the game’s most immersive and authentic gameplay in more stadiums.

    The Transfer Market system adds a new dimension to gameplay, introducing a dedicated and improved transfer system.

    FIFA Ultimate Team® features are even bigger than ever before. FIFA 20 introduces a revamped system for collecting and managing goalscorers in the Ultimate Team.

    New improvements to the presentation and user experience round out FIFA 20


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