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So the issue is that OP’s locale is English and the.xmpl file is designed for Spanish. Encountered that myself (and know someone else who has run into it).
Converting a xmpl file to another language will require changing the locale.
Be aware that the xmpl language file is not designed to be used across a multitude of languages.

#if defined(DEBUG_MODE)
#include “StateMachine.h”
#define THREAD_STACK_SIZE (1024)

* Test:
* Prepare_to_Thread()
* ==============

int c_main() {
printf(“S=%i R=%i
return 0;

* 内部函数,执行结果是0,返回无后续的主函数

int a(void *ctx, int k) {
switch (k) {
case 0:
“, “a”);
assert(__LINE__ == 2);
assert(__LINE__ == 2);
StateMachine* s = (StateMachine*)ctx;
assert(s == NULL);
StateMachine* p = (StateMachine*)ctx;
assert(s == p);

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