Developed by SKIDROW PUBLISHING INC. under the license from LUNAR CRYSTAL LIMITED.
The Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game set in the Lands Between, a vibrant world between the mortal and divine worlds. Explore a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. In the vast world, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip, and develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior.

With the power of the Elden Ring, you can open the gateway to a new adventure, or simply run away from it.
Developed by SKIDROW PUBLISHING INC. under the license from LUNAR CRYSTAL LIMITED.
The Tarnished Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game set in the Lands Between, a vibrant world between the mortal and divine worlds. Your character’s appearance and skills are significantly improved by the power of the Elden Ring. You will be immersed in a mysterious story that has been woven by multiple minds, and the Elden Ring has a unique online element as well.

The action role-playing game about the Tarnished Elden Ring developed by SKIDROW PUBLISHING INC.

Available content includes:
• 3 main campaign modes: A smooth, gripping story
• 3 powerful missions
• An action battle where you are the leader
• Numerous side missions

LUNAR CRYSTAL LTD is a gaming company founded by a group of skilled developers and a passionate community. Company president, Tomoaki Kondo, was the producer and director of the Marvelous RPG series,.hack//Mutation and.hack//SIGN.

The company has a long history of creating critically acclaimed games, with many releases since its founding in 1997.

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SKIDROW PUBLISHING INC. is a Sony computer entertainment company founded by a group of skilled developers and a passionate community. Company president, Yoshinori On


Features Key:

    • Online Battles
      • Celestial Presence (two-party Online): Become a party where you and another player battle against another character.
    • Battle System
      • Command a carefully selected formation of characters and place the position of your enemies.
    • Hero’s Story
      • Explore the Lands Between a rich fairy tale.
    • Dress up your character
      • Theme the character in a brand new way. Create a customizable warrior, wizard or general.
      • Play with dozens of costumes, bracers, helmets, armor, headgear, and even weapons.
    • Complete System
      • All of the game areas and the story elements are fully animated.
    • Online Direct Connections (PvP)
      • Battle Confirmed Hero Skins (8 ways)
      • Create up to 32 hero and 32 ninja characters and have battle confirmation for up to 8 players in the same game.
      • Group-Based Online Chat
    • Apart from the story, online play is a great experience. And other players will help you play your adventure with Lord connections.
    • 4th character relationships
      • You can create a relationship in a variety of ways—depending on the time, allowance, and at what level.
      • The Hero Area’s sister relationship is available in both story and online.
      • Online Lock-On Battle
      • Time-Lock Battle
    • Battle of Hearing
      • Powerful shouts, delay time, sound volume, and the ability to change the size of the battle window.
        In other words, the more the battle, the more it is enjoyable


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        The Elden Ring game review:

        My 2 cents:

        As you are used to with the MMORPG games, the first thing you start in the Elden Ring is to create your character (for beginners it’s a good idea to create the character first, so you don’t get stuck), equip your character (in this game you can use a number of weapons and armor from your inventory) and you will be in your action RPG adventure!

        After I created my character, I got immediately the picture of a Tarnished Hero, that’s a good name for the character’s look. I chose a Dark Warrior kind of character, since I had a lot of spells in my preference list (I’m usually a warrior that uses magic), but you can also choose a ranged character, and you have a lot of freedom to customise your character look.

        One of the highlights of the game is the customization, you can equip a lot of weapons, from scimitars, shotguns, bows, swords, magic wand, ice axe, axes, axes, axes, axes. There is also many different kinds of armor to use in your gameplay, from leather armor, wool armor, metal armor, and plate armor. You can also change the color of the armor, from black, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, to the many white colors.

        The more you play, the more you understand the game, you can think that it is a MMORPG or a Online Fantasy RPG. The game design is made to remind you this type of experience, but the game will be more structured than in a MMORPG in terms of missions, combat, alchemy,…

        The most characteristic feature of the Elden Ring is that there are several events happening, it’s rare in other RPGs, where you start to a new game and you have to find your way to an adventure. You will start in the town, and the people of the town will be in their own business, therefore you can interact with them, but you will be able to see that they are not your friends, you will encounter that people will be unfriendly, or maybe they will help you, you will know the custom of each town


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        1) The Lands Between Are an Epic World
        The Lands Between is an RPG through and through, with a 3D world where you may freely travel in a variety of situations. You can freely move around and explore, as well as fight and explore your way through dungeons. In addition, you can go inside as an avatar and talk directly with other characters.
        2) The Rules of Fantasy
        The combat system is based on the acclaimed and classic role-playing game “Final Fantasy”, which has been continuously played for over 30 years. In contrast, the story is infused with the world of “Dungeons & Dragons”, the most popular role-playing game in the world. Furthermore, the game takes into account the myths and legends of Nordic culture, the final battleground of the gods.
        3) The Rules of Fantasy Reborn
        We’ve made a great effort to breathe life back into FINAL FANTASY, while retaining the heart of “Dungeons & Dragons”.
        Online Play
        1. Playing together with multiple people in the same session
        There are 2 classes of Avatars: leaders and followers. When 2 Avatars play in a session, they can team up to fight. Each leader can command any number of followers.
        2. Discover new scenes through asynchronous play
        You can play with other people, regardless of their location. When you finish playing as a leader, you can continue playing as a follower.
        3. Optional online play
        You can play together with the other online players when you’re offline, and you can play with different players at the same time.
        4. Sudden adventure
        When you connect, your avatar’s appearance and storyline will be updated live.
        5. Customizing avatars
        You can change your appearance and appearance of your weapons and armor.
        1. The Lands Between are an Epic World
        In the Lands Between, humankind lives under the rule of the Elden Ring. The Ring pursues its mission to protect its members, but the burden weighs heavily on those who carry it. Yet these members suffer from a sense of duty to the Ring, and are driven by a grudge against their enemies, like a never-ending conflict between the clans. The Ring’s campaign to protect the Lands Between takes place in a single world, with large landscapes and varied monsters, including the Summoned Elden.
        2. Create Your Own Character
        In contrast to FINAL FANTASY, play as a 3rd party character in the Lands Between. If you like to feel the charm and charm of “Dun


        What’s new:

        Download Now
        23 Oct 2018 14:20:40 +0000Wed, 10 Jul 2018 18:44:59 +0000Meta LRSSeal and Seras are suddenly summoned to the Prince’s room.
        The Prince asks: “Death. I would like to question Trava.”
        Two groups of people among the brothers and sisters of the Naka demons suddenly experienced an inexplicable phenomenon on the day when they were out of sight of the palace.
        The mysterious events were investigated and it was discovered that they were being controlled by the Prince himself, the devil of ill-fated wills.
        The Father will let the Prince kill everyone and everything that the original gods I created, when creating the Naka demons so that they never return to my name? The devil of bad luck, greedy, and they were banished from heaven.
        will all of my creations sent down? Not so, No matter who comes to Naka, they have the opportunity to be killed because we do, so he is stilll.
        Although that god will let the Prince monsters, even monsters that are able to break godly Seals have lost god-like abilities.
        The problem must be solved? Well, the only way is for the Father to kill the devil of ill-fated wills.
        in that case, the only way to ensure that the darkness of the Kingdom, to whom I gave a power of blessing and punishment.
        destruction of all of our aspects was a king. in his family, what will you do?
        would all of the gods be destroyed!?
        in the end, the devil disappears only by sealing So what happened to the devil “Oh say, would they be ever use of yours and kindness!?
        Naka demons perish with the devil who is me at the very beginning. If we decide what will happen and you also agree, Gaevel to easily assure.
        Then, seal and Gaevel the seal, in order to protect your family and family, together can sleep when you take up the ability of the destruction of the Kingdom.
        All of you who stand


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        Another amazing RPG to add to your collection. The Land Between Us takes place between the worlds, where you can mold your destiny with other players.Explore the world, heal, build armor, and customize gear with the new texturing system. Get a whole new perspective on the game with the Battle Ultimate mode, a fun and highly realistic system that changes everything.ELEVEN MULTIPLAYER MODE: A variety of exciting game modes offer an endless experience with friends and strangers.


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        How to play the ELDEN RING game:

        1. Play Online with a friend.
        2. Load a map, and climb up the ladder to the top.
        3. Only 1 player can go up at a time. If you’re not on the ladder, you can’t climb.
        4. Go up the ladder by going straight towards it, not jumping.
        5. Keep climbing to the top!
        6. If you fall down, you’ll have to start over at the bottom.
        7. Try to reach a whole new area!

        How to fight in the ELDEN RING game:

        1. Use a melee weapon to fight.
        2. Enter a duel with your opponent using ranged weapons.
        3. You can deal up to three hits with the melee weapon.
        4. When fighting with the melee weapon, press the Left Mouse Button in the opposite direction of your swing.
        5. The enemy will be attacked in the opposite direction.
        6. You can block, dodge, or parry


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