“Aisling and the Tavern of Elves” is a long-awaited fantasy adventure game with VR elements, created by the studio Blitwolf.

The main story of the game centers on a magical kingdom that has been controlled by a powerful family for generations. By day, the kingdom is a flourishing society, and by night, anything goes. As the sovereign of this kingdom, the head of the family and its political and economic leader, the Sovereign, decides which events to follow in the lives of ordinary people. This includes allocating resources, assigning jobs, paying salaries, and so on. It is a game of intrigue and manipulation in which the Sovereign’s decisions affect millions of people in the land.

Aisling’s adventure begins by becoming a player of the game. Aisling, a young girl of 17, becomes the Sovereign. By playing the game, you gain access to the real characters, as well as their voices, and accompany them on their daily adventures.

The voice acting in the game uses humans and the voices of professional actors were recorded using ordinary voice recorders. In addition to the game’s 24 playable characters, there are also over 50 characters in the supporting role, including the 16 NPCs, over 20 of whom have no speaking lines, over 60 non-player characters, 60 monsters, and 50 item models. Characters Aisling encounters in her daily life have very elaborate and detailed graphics and voice acting. Through this game, you can interact with them in various ways: talk to them, take them as your companion, equip items, battle together or even just take a look.

The characters are seen by millions of players. The title of the game, Aisling and the Tavern of Elves, refers to the main character, Aisling. She is the Sovereign and the main hero in the story. She is also a female elf who chose to fight against her family’s privileges and traditions to go down a different path, and she has the right to be shown in a more realistic way in the world of the game. Her stories, drawn from the realities of people like her, who live in a gloomy world, are designed to encourage each player to have a new perspective on their surroundings.

Players can also enjoy Aisling’s companions in the game. These include friends and allies, including humans, who help her in her adventures. For example, Beadle (human) will help Aisling in her adventures. Some of them have their own


Smash Up – Awesome Level 9000 Features Key:

  • High-end graphics thanks to the OpenFoam library using the JB game engine
  • The computer is not working towards doing something. The mouse moves, the music plays, but the computer doesn’t. The only way to stop it is to hack the system.
  • Permadeath
  • But wait, this isn’t a survival game. It features a complex system of looting that includes “undead and undead animals”, “random enemies and obstacles”, “fertile locations” and “chaotic difficulty” settings.


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*Play with your hands in designated vertical area: Experiment game play
*A combo earning game: Score a high combo to earn more tixils
*Fast-paced gameplay & easy-to-use joystick.
*4 Game Modes: (Playable from any level) game is different from a normal game
*Colorful graphic, easy-to-see on a big screen TV
*Innovative enemy group, the curious animal with the mouse-like ears
*Fun challenges to obtain different skills
*Multi-lingual voices for all actions and names.
*Lots of collectible items
*Cute animal group with yellow & white striped shirt, red shoes, and beige boots
*Lots of boss fights (Finished with 15 different bosses)
*More coming soon!
*(UI, Game play and Bonus features will continue to be improved)
*Compatible with Android 2.1 and up
*(Google play will be checked for update later)

It’s has a combo earning game.

This game has 3 game modes: Arcade Mode, The Arcade Game Mode, and Boss Mode.

*In arcade game mode, the player will have 20 automatic rounds and with 1 more round for the bonus round of the movie.

*In Boss Mode, the player will have 20 rounds and with 1 more round for the bonus round of the movie. (20 rounds)

*In the arcade game mode, the player can shoot as many pigs as they can during the course of the game.

*In the Boss Mode, the player can hit as many pigs as he/she can during the course of the game. (Shot)

*** Leaderboards are available as in-game Community (with Friend Network) and also Facebook. ***

***Players who likes this game may be interested to see how it was made:

*This game is an evolution of the previous version: 2 1/2 player shooters.

New features:
— A full-playable version on Android now (supported by USB cable)
— Two player mode now (the original purpose of this game)
— A single player mode, a “New York street” style (default difficulty level)
— Many bosses’ added with their own special skills and game play. (The original version has 10 bosses)
— Many other challenges and features added.
— (


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in different categories:
* Brushes and Paints: brushes for creating special effects on background and content images

* Sounds Effects: plays sounds that you use to modify your scene

* Effects: a variety of special effects, including:

– Adjust the Luma and color of the scene

– Add High-Definition filters

– Change the Skin color

– Arrange the animation

– Adjust the frame rate and resolution

– Improve the quality of the audio

– Change the image brightness and contrast

– Add, replace, add markers, text, borders, frames

* Transition: a quick and efficient tool for editing transitions:

– Create a journey from A to B

– Change the travel speed in the playback

– Add a cut in the middle or the end of the clip

– Create a Custom transition

– Add a text label on the transitions

– Add Multimedia files

* Intro: change the background and the title of the scene

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 is compatible with the following third party applications:

* Email Repair

* Finder / Windows Explorer

* Photo Viewer / Slideshow

* Power Photo Viewer / Slideshow

* PSP Organizer

* PSP Media Browser

Movavi Video Editor Plus is compatible with the following media formats:



* MP4


* 3GP

Movavi Video Editor Plus can convert to the following output formats:

* MP4



* 3GP

Please note that Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 offers the best quality and best effects for editing videos, with many additional tools to personalize your content, and save videos in two formats (MOV and MP4).

FASTLY EDIT AND HANDLE LARGE FILESYou edit your videos one frame at a time by hand or by using Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 extensions, to feel the pleasure of a professional editing tool in its purest form.

ADD, MODIFY AND COMBINE CONTENTThe built-in Presets include various transition effects that can be applied automatically to your videos to create appealing transitions.


-New effects that make any video clip unique:


What’s new in Smash Up – Awesome Level 9000:

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