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Iterate over date range while conditional checking

I have a dataframe that looks like this

I want to iterate over date range to check if a transaction has a credit and if so, then take out the qty_deb and assign it to qty_cred.
I have tried this but the problem is the df[‘nbr’][y-1]!= y-1 gets turned into an error.[4:6, ‘nbr’] =[4:6, ‘nbr’].shift(1)
df[‘qty_deb’] = 0
df[‘qty_cred’] = 0

x_start_date = pd.to_datetime(‘6/23/2019’)
x_end_date = pd.to_datetime(‘6/29/2019’)

for i in range(1, df[‘nbr’].max()+1):
if (df[‘nbr’].iloc[i-1] == df[‘nbr’].iloc[i] and df[‘nbr’].iloc[i] >= x_start_date and df[‘nbr’].iloc[i]

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