Most CAD applications designed to handle 3D models can open and edit STL files, but a lightweight utility is more suitable when you only wish to analyze a particular model or perform some basic modifications.
VisualStl is a straightforward and fully portable application that allows you to view these models, as well as scale or rotate them. It offers multiple visualization modes, including a horizontal slicer, and it is very easy to use.
Handy STL viewer that includes a few basic editing tools
After importing a model, you can choose from one of the four available viewing modes available in the toolbar. These include a horizontal slicer, which can be used to cut the model into multiple parts and perform a more detailed analysis.
If you only wish to view the model without editing it in any way, you can zoom in our out with the help of the mouse wheel and rotate the object with simple mouse movements.
However, it is also possible to perform permanent modifications by rotating or scaling the model along any of the three axes.
Lightweight tool that can be used on the go
While VisualStl clearly does not offer an extensive array of features, it is a great choice for users who need a simple, no-frills utility that enables them to open and edit STL files.
The application does not need to be installed on your computer before use, which means the single executable file can be stored on a USB drive and deployed whenever it is required.
Moreover, no additional data is stored on your PC when running VisualStl, so no traces will be left behind when deleting the program.
Straightforward STL viewer and editor that features a minimalistic interface
When taking everything into consideration, VisualStl is a lightweight, no-nonsense application that does the job it was designed for without unnecessary complications. It enables you to view STL 3D binary files, as well as perform some small modifications, and it features a streamlined, intuitive UI.







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VisualStl Activation Code Description:

Edit and visualize STL files on PC or mobile devices

One of the most common 3D applications is the one that opens and edits STL files, however it has traditionally been provided by separate applications for each device.
VisualStl is the solution to these problems, because it does not require installation before use and, even though it is a pretty simple application, it does a great job of opening STL files on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux without the need for special plug-ins.
The program also provides options to open and edit other 3D formats, such as OBJ, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF, which is another reason why VisualStl is such a great choice.
As soon as the application is started, the interface is automatically loaded, which makes it extremely easy to use, regardless of which device you are using the application on.
The program is very straightforward to use, and its minimalistic interface will enable you to navigate through a wide variety of options without a problem.
Basic editing tools, including quick rotation
After loading a 3D file, VisualStl enables you to load, view, rotate, and slice the model in three dimensions.
When you open a model, the software displays a horizontal slicer that can be dragged around the model to divide it into multiple parts. The slicer is best used to analyze the model in more detail, or to copy and paste a particular part from the model to any of the other formats.
If you only wish to view the model from a distance, you can rotate the object with the help of the on-screen joystick in the form of a virtual mouse cursor, or you can allow VisualStl to automatically find the center of the object.
You can also use a macro to quickly move around the model, and you can activate the macro by clicking the current joystick position in the exact center of the object.
VisualStl can be scaled on the fly as well, which is a great option when trying to quickly manipulate the model. The program automatically detects the object’s center, and this means that you will not need to change the object’s rotation when scaling the model.
VisualStl is probably not the most powerful 3D application, but it manages to deliver on-the-fly editing and visualization features that offer ample utility.
Lightweight, simple application that works on all platforms
VisualStl is a straightforward, single-

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VisualStl is a full-featured STL viewer, editor and manipulator for both 3D models and images. It includes the full range of features required to perform simple manipulations on STL files. It includes advanced features such as viewing, rotating, scaling, extruding and cutting the model along multiple planes, transparent materials and more. It allows you to perform many other operations on binary STL files such as importing, converting and exporting.Q:

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VisualStl is a simple solution that enables you to view 3D STL models with ease.
What’s New in Version 3.0.2:
* Bug fix for crash when switching back to a view.
* Bug fix for a crash when resizing a display when in Aero fixed view.
* Bug fix for loading speed.
* Bug fix for a crash when applying a filter.
* Bug fix for a crash when hiding a rotation axis.
* Bug fix for deleting a display.
* Bug fix for not being able to save.
* Bug fix for advanced filter key.
* Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
* VisualStl may require DirectX 8, but 3D engine files are not included.
* VisualStl is Windows only.
* VisualStl is a screen cast application.

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Using VisualStl is as simple as pressing a button. With the app, you can view, modify, or save your STL model. Moreover, VisualStl works with a broad range of file formats, and you can use it for hours without encountering any problems.

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